About Spidrweb

Why we do this?

So many businesses find a huge gap between providers and the lines get somewhat blurred as to who’s responsible for what and we found that there were many frustrations.

We understand these frustrations and what issues they can cause for any business. We packaged everything up and as a result, we can offer an amazing one stop solution for small to medium businesses.

We love delivering all the solutions for our customers, we get an amazing sense of achievement. As a result we get many referrals for existing customers.

Who are we?

Spidrweb is a small family business run by Bee and Phil Lankester.

Bee Lankester is an experienced professional accounts clerk and PA executive with 15 years experience in finance and business processes. Bee looks after the financial business side of Spidrweb as well as our business support clients via SpidrBiz.

Phil Lankester has lived and breathed IT for over 20 years. Progressing from building, maintaining and repairing servers through to delivering professional services for large UK organisations. Phil started web design and hosting as a hobby, and before you know it, people are asking to pay for his time.

Bee and Phil have 2 children, 2 boys that keep them on their toes. We hope they become a part of Spidrweb one day!

Not forgetting…. Wally, the mad Springer-Spaniel that shows no sign of slowing down.

Where are we?

Spidrweb is located in a small village in Hampshire.

We are based in Denmead, Waterlooville.

Not that location really plays too much part in terms of servicing our customers, we are easily able to visit local businesses for meetings and catch ups.

When did we start?

Spidrweb started as an idea in January 2018. We started to get the wheels in motion and by early 2019 we had officially launched.

Its been very successful for Spidrweb and we now have clients across the UK and Europe.

What do we do?

Spidrweb merges all the online requirements for a business into a simple package primarily.

Most of our customers leave everything to us so that they can run their own business. Web Design, SEO, Hosting, DNS, Maintenance, Backups, Updates, Support and so much more. Ultimately giving the client a single point of contact to resolve any issues or make any changes.

SpidrWeb Business Support Services (SpidrBiz) was created by Bee Lankester, has many years’ experience in working with small and medium-sized businesses. Spidrbiz work with IT Support, Web Design, Financial, Legal, Surveyor, and other local companies in and around Hampshire, UK.

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