Malware Removal

We know how annoying it is when sites are hacked with malware. We’re happy to clean up all the malicious code for you so that your traffic can return!

WordPress malware removal

It’s not a great experience for any individual, business or blogger to have their site hacked.

You can lose traffic to your website, trust from visitors and potentially end up with huge loss revenue if you don’t take action quickly enough.

Over the years Spidrweb has successfully recovered hundreds of sites from being hacked – we follow our own bespoke steps in order ensure that your site is clear of malicious code.

Malware removal FAQs

How long does it take to remove malware from WordPress?

It really depends on the infection and the extent of damage that has been done. But typically within a few hours you can have a clean site up and running again!

Will my site get re-infected?

Its always possible for a site to get re-infected. Some plugin and theme vendors leave big open doors in their code for the hacker to attack. Or your password(s) can be brute forced. Either way – we will help you prevent your site getting re-infected again.

Can an infection damage my reputation?

Yes, absolutely – get your site cleaned as soon as possible. We prioritise infected sites for clean up. Get in touch below.

How much does it cost?

Malware clean ups are charged at our standard hourly rate. Get in touch for more information.

Is there any after care support?

Yes – we will provide complimentary support for 30 days after the clean up.


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