Web hosting

With our simple, speedy web hosting for businesses and individuals you can have your website up in no time.

Just need simple hosting?

Spidrweb is perfect for businesses and individuals who need a simple, static website.

Our hosting plans come with all the features you need to get your site online, including daily backups, SSL certificates, and unbeatable uptime.

Plus, our customer service is top-notch – we’re always here to help you get started.

Web hosting FAQs

How do I get access to files?

We will provide you with remote file transfer capabilities so that you can access your website files. In order to do this, we require a public key from yourself (we’ll help get it if needed).

Can you upload my site for me?

Sure, we will get your website uploaded for you and make sure it looks great. Your site will then be fully onboarded to our monitoring platform.

Is there a space limit?

We don’t have any file space limits, but if your site is growing unusually fast it might be because something is a miss. We’ll help to address this by scaling back on certain aspects of site or adding more storage for files.

What about a staging site?

You can have a staging site that is just for testing or something more accessible between your team members. We’ll take care of switching between live and development whenever you need us to.

How many visitors do I get?

You can have as many visitors as you like, and you will not be charged extra.

What is the bandwidth available?

As much as you can eat. If theres something that doesnt look normal, we will work with you to reduce if necessary.

Is hosting secure?

Yes, we harden all websites on our platform. Any HTML, JS, or CSS is all your responsibility.

Can I migrate an existing site to your service?

If you have an existing site that needs migrating, then yes! We will take care of the process and there’s no cost for it.

What else is included?

You’ll get comprehensive support, daily backups and staging area if required. You can also enjoy full monitoring with a very wide choice of global locations – it’s all included in the price!


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