Email Hosting

Fast and reliable enterprise email. Making sure that you get your messages delivered.

Email that gets delivered!

Spidrweb have many options for email delivery. We have partnered with some of the best mail providers available as well as supplying our own bespoke mail services.

Ensuring that your email is delivered is massively important for any business.

We ensure that best practices are adhered to at all times when configuring email services.

We’ll get you set up, migrate, maintain and support your email.

Email services FAQs

Do you host your own email services?

Yes, we have our own email servers located in geographically dispersed datacentres. All fully secure and backed up!

Can you set up Office 365?

Yes – Spidrweb uses Office 365 services for our own email. We love it!

What about other providers?

Yes – We’ll get you set up and all best practices put in place on any provider.

Can you migrate email for me?

Absolutely – we can get everything moved across including all your mail folders, mail content and all your rules if needed.

Will my email go to spam?

While no mail provider can promise this, we will put all the best practices in place to mitigate mails going to recipient’s junk box.

Can you help with other mail issues?

Sure – we can help you get setup correctly with MailChimp, ConvertKit and other bulk mailing software. We can also investigate why your emails are going to spam. Just ask all your questions below!


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