A custom site for Carl Broadbent’s Keyword service. 100% Custom theme for WordPress.

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Keywords for bloggers!

KeywordCare is a great service for bloggers created by Carl Broadbent and his passion for helping other like minded bloggers.

Carl had a site that was built using a theme on ThemeForest.

The design was great, however it was no longer being maintained and it wasnt that easy to keep the site up to date.

There was a need to simplify the site and bring a better eCommerce solution for managing client keyword services.


The new site for Spidrweb needed the following features:

  • Simple and easy to maintain site
  • eCommerce solution
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Usual legal pages (Privacy / terms etc)

So after the initial design was signed off, we started building the theme using the WordPress full site editor alongside the Gutenberg plugin and WooCommerce.

Initial mock up

Custom theme

A custom theme was built for using Just WordPress and Gutenberg. Page templates were also added for WooCommerce.

Tools used

Our dev environment is a Docker solution with WordPress instances. This allows us to quickly spin up test environments for development.

VSCode is our weapon of choice when writing HTML, PHP, CSS, JS etc.

Only one plugin is used in development and that is the official Gutenberg plugin. The Gutenberg plugin gives extra functionality that is not available to WordPress core.

And thats pretty much all you need for developing a custom theme with WooCommerce.

Full site editor templates – Nice and simple!


At this point – WooCommerce is used to handle the order fulfilment for KeywordCare.

The site is fully integrated with Stripe for payment gateway as well as extras like ConvertKit.

Spidrweb also added additional custom checkout fields so that we could capture any additional information from buyers of Carl’s keyword service.


Here are the services that KeywordCare use from Spidrweb

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