Full theme and plugin coded just for you. The only limitation is your imagination.

WordPress Theme and Plugin development

There are sometimes an existing plugin or theme doesnt meet the required needs of a website. This often leads to installing and implementing work-arounds to get a desired result for your visitors.

Spidrweb have developed custom bespoke WordPress themes and plugins for a number of clients. The only limit is your imagination.

Once devloped, the theme / plugin is yours to use as you wish. We will maintain any code for a period of 1 year should we need to make any changes.

Development FAQs

Are custom themes and plugins secure?

Yes, custom themes and plugins are typically more secure than commercial ones. The code is closed so that hackers cannot reverse engineer them. Spidrweb always adhere to best practices when writing custom code for any of your projects.

Can you customise an existing plugin or theme?

Rather than amending existing code, we can write extra functions for your theme or plugin as an additional plugin. That way, updates will not break.

Is there any support?

Yes, we support all custom themes and plugins for 1 year. Support will cover bug and security fixes only.

How long does it take to develop?

It really depends on the complexity of your project. Why not fill out the form below and we’ll take a look at your project idea.

What if we need to change the plugin or theme?

Typically, a small change will be covered, however if its a bigger change we would charge at our standard hourly / daily / weekly rates.

Can I resell a custom theme or plugin?

You can resell any of our custom plugins, however we would need to know up front if you intend to do this. Why not get in touch to discuss.

How many sites can I use this on?

You can use any custom themes or plugins on all the sites you own. Use on other client sites is allowed if agreed by Spidrweb.

Can I extend support?

Absolutely, we can extend support for as long as you require.


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