Fast Web Hosting

Visitors to your website expect your pages to load fast. Gone are the days of waiting for a page to load. Our internet connectivity is getting quicker and quicker, as a result hosting needs to be even quicker than that.

Since we started spidrweb, we have made speed the cornerstone of all we do including websites, backups, maintenance and much more.

We have heavily invested in a fast resilient platform that can meet the demands of today’s web users whether its browsing from mobile connections or super fast fibre.


Spidrweb offer a full choice of hosting options ranging from an instance on our shared platform, a Virtual Private Server, Cloud Server, or a dedicated server all to yourself.

We ensure that our environment has a very low contention ensuring that other customer’s traffic doesn’t affect your website.

We work with multiple providers across the globe ensuring everything is backed up to a different provider and geographic location ensuring no data loss. 

Not just fast... Secure too!

We put security at the centre of all services we supply to all our customers.

All our servers are regularly checked for updates. We proactively protect your hosting from attackers.

Spidrweb will install and configure a free SSL certificate as well using Lets Encrypt.

Free Backups for all!

Contrary to popular belief, not all web hosting providers include backup as part of their plans. We think this is outrageous.

Its in ours, your customers, and your interest that everything is backed up. By default, a daily backup is included on all hosting plans. If you have a more regular requirement for backup we can increase the frequency where required.

All backups are off site away from where the hosting is located.

Free migration

Moving hosting providers doesn’t need to be a headache. Once signed up with Spidrweb we will manage and migrate your website to our platform with little to no downtime.

We’ll test and make sure that everything including SSL, Security and backups are all in place prior to going live where possible.

Friendly & Fast Support

If you have any questions regarding your hosting, we love to help.

Support is available via our ticketing system, email, phone, SMS, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

Get in touch with us and we will answer any questions or queries you may have.

Lets start your project today!