Reliable Email Services

Email is a very important communication tool for any business nowadays. More people prefer to communicate via email to businesses more than ever.

Having a reliable email platform is a key requirement for any business.

Spidrweb only utilise proven platforms for sending and receiving email.

How much mail?

Prior to performing any email migration, its important to gather the full picture.

Spidrweb will run a full audit on your current mail platform to get an idea of how much email space and amount of mailboxes you may require.

We will often find ways of consolidating your mailbox requirements in this process as well.

Getting Ready!

We will setup your new mail portal on your chosen / suggested provider’s platform (Most of our customers opt for Office 365). All best practice steps are taken to ensure security is in place.

We will assist in setting up your PCs, Macs, Tablets and Phones as part of this service so you can start using the platform straight away.

Once you’re happy, we will move onto migrating your mail.

Go with the Flow

Spidrweb will manage any mail flow via management of your DNS records for your domain ensuring no outage in mail delivery for you of your customers.

What about old emails?

Now that mail is flowing to and from your new mailboxes its time to get your old mail back.

Spidrweb will migrate your historic emails from your previous provider into the new one.

We can migrate from most email providers with industry leading tools.

Ongoing Support

Once we’ve finished the migration, Spidrweb will be there for ongoing support.

And productivity suites such as Office 365, Google and many others offer so much more than just email. We will help you get the most out of your chosen product.

Lets start migrating today!