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This is what we do. We live and breathe WordPress on a daily basis.

Spidrweb will supply you with a fully functional WordPress platform. We will take care of the rest.

Performance is amazing on our blazing fast server infrastructure. You’ll be amazed at how responsive WordPress is in comparison to typical shared hosting.

All WPaaS sites are fully monitored and managed.


Do I get a control panel?

At this point, we do not have a control panel for our WordPress as a Service platform. One is currently being built though.

Do you supply premium plugins and themes?

No, you can bring your own plugins and themes though. We have no restrictions on what can be installed.

Is there a space limit?

The size of your site is unrestricted, however should your site be growing abnormally for the nature of your site, we will work with you to address this.

What about a staging site?

Each site can have a staging site. We will migrate between live and development for you.

How many visitors do I get?

As many as you like.

What is the bandwidth available?

As much as you can eat. If theres something that doesnt look normal, we will work with you to reduce if necessary.

Is WPaaS secure?

Yes, we harden all WordPress installs on our platform.

Can I migrate an existing site to your service?

Yes – we will migrate across as part of the onboarding process for you. There is no charge for this.

What else is included?

Comprehensive WordPress support, daily backups, staging area if required, full monitoring, very wide choice of global locations, and much more.

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