WordPress Management

With a massive 35% of websites on the internet having the underlying CMS being WordPress, it is a platform that can be heavily attacked with attackers looking for vulnerabilities to exploit.

WordPress itself is actually very secure. The exploits are mostly aimed at out of date themes, plugins and bespoke code.

Spidrweb offer a WordPress Managed Service where we actively monitor your site, providing you with backups, updates, testing and full support.

First, Lets Backup!

Ask yourself, how would you get your WordPress site back after an infection or data loss?

This is the first step to on boarding your WordPress website for full management. We take a full manual backup of your WordPress files and your WordPress database. 

After this, we install the Spidrweb Managed Services Plugins that help us backup, protect, monitor, diagnose, and keep your site online.

Choose from a vast selection of backup schedules and data retention options.

Rock Hard

After your site is fully backed up, Spidrweb will harden your site ensuring permissions, password policies, removing unused code and so much more are in place.

Spidrweb follow a strict hardening process that has been tried and tested with many of our customers reducing the attack surface for their WordPress websites.

With this done you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your site is secure as it can be.

Update in Confidence

Updates not only give you new features, bug and security fixes. They often give you speed improvements for your site as well. Knowing this, its not only you that benefits, your visitors get an all better browsing experience as well.

Spidrweb will manage all WordPress Core, Plugins, and Theme Updates for your site.

Is it up?

Is it your hosting, your internet connection or a change made to your WordPress site? Many business owners sometimes don’t even notice that their site went down as some outages are so brief. But this can lead to loss of revenue.

Spidrweb utilises multiple locations to verify if your site is up or down.

If it does go down, we jump straight on it and get it fixed.

Security & Malware

Most businesses sometimes don’t even know if their site is compromised.

Spidrweb can cross check your website with Google Safe Browsing, Norton, ESET and others to ensure that your site isn’t compromised.

If your site is, we will actively work to getting your site clean and free from infection.

Adding to this, we actively monitor plugins that have known vulnerabilities. Your site is in very safe hands with Spidrweb.

Lets get up to speed

Nothing is more painful to us than having a slow site. 

A slow site can lead to visitors going else where to find their content and possibly can lower your rankings in search engines.

Spidrweb actively monitor your site regularly and will work with you to help get your site up to speed.

Link Monitoring

Having broken links on your website can have a negative effect on your search rankings, and users on your site clicking these links will have a negative experience for your customers when using your site.

Spidrweb actively monitors all your outgoing and internal links and verify that they are live. We will then let you know where the link is and how to fix it.


Maintain & Support

And thats not it…

Spidrweb will maintain and support your WordPress website for the life of your plan.

We will clear old spam comments, run some database checks and optimisation as well as pick up any questions you may have on your website.

Lets support you today!