Mobile First Web Design Services

According to most of the websites that SpidrWeb create and maintain, looking at analytics, approximately 50% of devices viewing the pages are either mobile phones or tablets.The remaining 50% are traditional desktops or laptops.

With this in mind, We always design our sites as responsive Mobile-First knowing that half of your users will be using their phones to view your content. Whats more, having a mobile ready website makes your business much more friendly for SEO too.


As with our web design, Wordpress is our go-to platform when it comes to architecting and designing your mobile site

With a vast array of premium responsive mobile ready themes and SpidrWeb responsive custom theme development, theres literally anything we can do for your visitors.


SpidrWeb design bespoke responsive mobile first templates or utilise and modify existing premium ones for you.

We do find that most of our customers choose a premium theme as it not only saves time, but also saves money.

Whatever option you choose, we will still make your mobile site look and feel amazing for your visitors.


Using your mobile device to purchase items online is becoming more common as well. Especially since the invent of Apple Pay and Google Pay, giving users the ability to pay for items on your site by these methods is becomming more and more common.

Giving this extra ability for end users to add to their cart and without the need to find their credit card, we find that goals are met much quicker for transactions. The same payment gateways are used, for example, Stripe, WorldPay, Paypal etc.


Just like our web design, SpidrWeb can create custom application portals for your site visitors.

Giving users the ability to upload images taken directly from their mobile to your bespoke application for example makes life so much easier for you and your staff. This, tied with a custom app available through the App Store or Google Play makes your website a very valuable asset.

Anything from customer databases, HR systems, Doctor / Patient portals and much more.

All apps are secured by SSL Certificates, user / password and 2FA (Two Factor Authentication), so you know that you and your user's data will always be safe.

How we work

  • Define

    SpidrWeb work with you to define your goals and what you want your website to achieve.

  • Scope

    We will scope out the work required to get your site up and running, agreeing timelines and milestones. A proof of concept website will be put in place for approval.

  • Architecture

    Upon agreeing the scope, SpiderWeb gets all the site architecture put in place complete with full security and best practices in mind.

  • Design

    The agreed design will be deployed. You’ll be able to see your site taking shape at this point as well.

  • Development

    All additional features of your site will be deployed alongside content as well.

  • Testing

    This is where we invite you to try and break the site. At this phase, any issues found will be remedied prior to go-live.

  • Go-Live

    The exciting day arrives, we open the doors to the world, and everyone can see your hard work!

  • Maintenance / SEO

    SpidrWeb constantly provide SEO audits and Maintenance on all websites it deploys for a 2 year period after launch.


  • How long does it take for my new website to be built?

    It depends, We know thats not want you want to hear, but if theres a high level of complexity and customisation it will obviously take longer. Typically though a website can go from inception through proof of concept to ‘go live’ in as little as one month. But as we say – it depends.

  • Can I view my website while it's being built?

    Absolutely – we will provide log in details so you can approve design elements and suggest any changes that you require.

  • Will my new website work on a mobile or a tablet?

    100%, of course. We design with a ‘mobile-first’ responsive design mindset ensuring that all mobiles and tablets will display your site and entire contents with a great user experience.

  • Do you offer alternative CMS platforms such as Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc?

    Yes – we have experience in all of these CMS platforms.

  • Does SpidrWeb offer content writing?

    In a word, yes. It’s not written by us – we manage and outsource the writing to a reputable natively speaking writing service based in the UK. Content writing is charged extra. If you don’t have any content, we will fill your site with filler text so you can get a good feel for the new site.

  • Can SpidrWeb source images for my website?

    Yes. If you cannot currently source images, we will put placeholders in place until they are available. SpidrWeb use many sources for stock photos should they be required. Stock photos and imagery are charged extra.

  • Does SpidrWeb give training on the new website?

    Yes we do. And any ad-hoc questions are included for the period of the agreed contract as well.

  • Is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) included with my site?

    Yes, SpidrWeb will always build sites with best practice SEO in place from ‘go-live’.

  • Will I get an SSL certificate with my website?

    Yes, all SpidrWeb sites are deployed with a free Lets Encrypt certificate. However for eCommerce sites we would always suggest using a EV certificate from a reputable source like Comodo, Thawte, GeoTrust and so on as they provide a warranty as well.

  • Can I make changes to my site after go-live?

    Yep! content and image changes are included for the agreed period. Development changes are charged at an hourly rate.

  • Do I get email with my website?

    Typically, No. SpidrWeb do not host email and we will normally refer you to using Office365, Zoho, or G-Suite. If you do need this service, SpidrWeb can set this up and manage it for you as well.

  • How much does it cost?

    SpidrWeb do not charge any up front fees for designing a site. We agree on a monthly payment for a minimum of 2 years. The average cost of our websites are £75 per month. But it really depends on complexity and maintenance required. Get in touch and get the conversation rolling!

  • What are the payment terms?

    £0 for proof of concept, £0 for development and design work. First payment is due on Go-Live. Its that simple.