Web Services

SpidrWeb have been helping businesses get online with multiple web services since our launch. Do you have a website idea, a web app or need some SEO requirements?

We are passionate about the websites that we build and maintain, implementing best practices from the very start. We can implement many features to your site like social integration, contact forms, quoting systems, support and eCommerce. The list is almost endless. Alongside this we implement data based search engine optimisation focussing on real data rather than guess work.

Web Design

Web Design

SpidrWeb offer bespoke web solutions for you and your business. Focussing on end-user experience and industry best practices. We will take your project from idea phase all the way through to go-live and beyond. All web projects come with a 2 year maintenance plan encompassing updates, security fixes and support.

We build our sites using Wordpress, either using designed bespoke themes or a purchased theme, it really depends on your budget and time for your project.

All websites designed and implemented by SpidrWeb are fully eligible for hosting on our secure, up to date resilient platform. Find out more about our Web Design.

Mobile First Web Design

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Most web browsing now tends to be from a mobile device such as a Mobile Phone or a Tablet. We focus on this as the primary use for your new website.

If your site is not mobile friendly and theres too many elements close together you'll find that this makes for a bad user experience and potential customers can quickly leave your site.

Making your site mobile friendly will increase your visitors to your site and increase your search rankings as well.


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We offer eCommerce solutions too! Getting your shop online with SpidrWeb has never been easier. We take out all the hassle for you and advise you how to launch your own online store.

Whether you're selling clothes, car parts or even music, we will get everything in place.

All our solutions come with a secure checkout facility with complete compliance. Knowing that you and your customers are completely safe with peace of mind.

Web Applications

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SpidrWeb offer bespoke applications for you and your business, build from the ground up. It could be a simple database or a complete custom help-desk system.

Built on industry standard platforms, we will work with you and your business processes to get your application up and ready for you, your customers and your staff.

Intranet Solutions

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Having a business hub within your business can promote productivity between staff as they'll always know whats going on within your business.

A central place for common documents, integration with Office 365 content as well as scheduling and rota's, your intranet can be a very powerful tool.

Your intranet can be your hub to link all you internal systems into one place.

Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO can be somewhat a black art, we use data thats available to us to allow search engines such as Google, Bing etc to find you and your content easier.

Making your site easier to read by a search engine provider and using data provided by those search engines makes SEO not so much of a black art.

Tuning your site with best practices such as eliminating 404 errors and getting correct markups in place is only the start. Let end users find your content soon with our SEO program finely tuned over years of experience - with no link building necessary.

Web Management

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SpidrWeb can manage and update your existing website.

We offer one off plans charged by the hour or we can enrol you into our monthly plan.

Keeping your site up to date is very important, not only for your users but for SEO. We manage Wordpress, Concrete, Joomla, or even plain old HTML sites. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

Migration Services

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Web site migration doesn't need to be hard. Leave it to us to fully manage & migrate your site to a new provider (or us).

We will keep you informed of all updates in regards to the full process.

With little to no downtime at all, we can migrate your website with ease using our fully tried and tested process and checklist that we have used for years.

A slow website can be a real issue for your visitors, It could be hosting, caching, or simply that your images are too large.

Spidrweb can evaluate and speed up your site using a vast array of tools at our disposal.

Don't lose any potential customers by having a slow website, contact us to see how we can help.


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Do you know what your visitors are doing once they get to your site, and do you know how they got there?

Get analytics enabled and installed on to your site alongside search console to get a better insight into your visitors enabling you to make your site better for them.

Alongside this, SpidrWeb can enable sales lead plugins and chat tools. Get in touch and find out more.

Web Security

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So many sites on the internet are out of date and have vulnerabilities. SpidrWeb can secure your site using Web Application Firewalls, SSL certificates and more.

As part of our Management offering we can keep your site up to date with all the latest bug fixes and security patches available for your site.

If you're on one of our hosting platforms, we always keep our servers fully up to date as well. You know that you'll be safe with SpidrWeb.